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In a handmade bowl - Collection Mélitée - Organic herbs for barbecue

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Our different sets of bowls come from Provence. Here you will find our organic Provencal mixture for barbecue in handmade bowls with a wonderful floral decor, made in Crest for Aurore de Provence.

Inside the bowl our organic herb mix is packed in a beautiful natural bag which is, as the bowl, reusable for other puposes.

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  • Especially developed to improve your barbecues, these mixed herbs bring the south into your house and let the crickets chirp around your grill. Rosemary, thyme and summer savory are combined with marjoram, sage, bay leaf and lovage to give your meat, fish or vegetables brochettes a special Provence savour.
    Flavoured BBQ = happy guests!

    Organic ingredients: rosemary, thyme, summer savory, marjoram, sage, bay leaf, lovage

    125 grams

    Depending on your choice the bowl comes with or without lid.

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