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In a handmade bowl - Collection Candide - Ma cuillère santé

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Our different sets of bowls come from Provence. Here you will find our organic psyllium mix with einkorn flakes from Haute-Provence in handmade bowls with a wonderful floral decor, made in Crest for Aurore de Provence.

Inside the bowl the psyllium mix is packed in a beautiful natural bag which is, as the bowl, reusable for other puposes.

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  • Sprinkle your salad with a spoon full of healthy seeds or mix them into your yoghurt and your muesli. This organic seed mixture meets every taste and contributes to your health every day. The magical ingredients of this mixture are the magnesia and the calcium of the almond, the beneficial vitamins of the sunflower seeds, the essential nutrients from the poppy seeds and our helpful friends for an easy digestion - the Provencal psyllium and golden and brown linseeds. A mixture that Aurore de Provence has specifically developed as a basic element for a balanced diet.

    You can order "My healthy spoonful of Psyllium de Provence" also whole. In that case, if you want to grind the seeds yourself or eat them whole, please leave us a message with your order.

    Organic ingredients: Provencal psyllium, almonds, sunflower seeds, golden linseed, brown linseed, poppy seeds

    300 grams

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