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Très contente de cette tisane qui a résorbé complètement mon œdème aux jambes. Aussi, j'en bois une théière entière tous les matins depuis 3 mois, et m'en félicite ! Je recommande fortement de produit. ...

Catherine BOIRON

Superbes tisanes, extrêmement savoureuses, enfin un vrai goût qui nous réconcilie avec cette boisson; après les avoir adopté, elles ont fait le plaisir de mes proches qui, comme moi, ne peuvent plus revenir à leurs anciennes pratiques. Je recommande vivement, bravo Aurore de Provence! (Tisanes « Bucoli tonic » le matin et « Bon bidon » le soir). ...


dans son bol réutilisable, cette bougie aux senteurs méditerranéennes vous emmène en vacances ! sans même l'allumer l'essence naturelle d'anis se diffuse dans votre intérieur pour de longues heures. de fait, cette bougie est réellement longue durée ! ...


Une tisane agréable à boire après le repas qui aide à la digestion, notamment en fin de journée ! fini les lourdeurs d'estomac avant de s'endormir ! ...


particulièrement contente des bougies que j'ai gardées pour mon usage personnel ou que j'ai offertes en cadeaux très appréciés par mes amis. On aime leurs parfums subtils et durables ainsi que les jolis bols décoratifs. ...


Organic spices

Apart from our pink salt from the Camargue with organic and edible flowers, you will find in this category organic spice mixes for fish, for barbecues, for pizzas and tomato sauce. And of course we have Herbs of Provence which come from French organic farming.

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  • Salt from the Camargue - pink, blue and orange - organic

    This salt is well named because it is not only a salt, but a flower bunch whose colours are preserved by the salt. This Aurore de Provence salt consists of crystals of the Camargue salt gardens, which – combined with organic rose petals, organic cornflowers and organic orange zest – add great colours to your dishes. For example, you can sprinkle our coloured salt on your tomato salad or, with a little olive oil, on a soup. Enjoy it and offer it as a real flower bunch.

    Organic ingredients: Camargue salt, rose petals, cornflowers and orange zest

  • Organic Herbs of Provence

    Do you know that the name « Herbs of Provence » refers to a specific mixture of plants? There are rosemary with its typical spicy taste, Mediterranean thyme, light peppery summer savory, flowery oregano and intense basil. These are the notes that form the harmonic melody of «Herbes de Provence». An aromatic and useful kaleidoscope that brings color into your kitchen even in winter and sends good ultraviolet rays into your food. This is the result of many hours of sunshine every year that heat the Provençal soil. This organic herb mix is suitable for a wide range of dishes such as grilled meat, fish, salads, fried vegetables ...

    Organic ingredients: rosemary, thyme, summer savory, oregano, basil

  • For pizzas and tomato sauce: Organic Provencal spices

    In this dazzling blend of spices, combine Italian and Provencal flavors and fragrances to make your pizzas perfect. Peppers, tomatoes, basil, oregano and chives ... The names already sound like the south. A Mediterranean touch in the kitchen, which is the perfect accompaniment for tomato sauce, but also noodles, vegetables and meat. It smells good, it is organic and we have not added any salt so you can put this organic spice mixture into your dishes that are already salted.

    Organic ingredients : rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, peppers, tomatoes, summer savory, garlic, chives, lemon, pepper

  • For barbecues: Organic Provencal herbs

    Especially developed to improve your barbecues, these mixed herbs bring the south into your house and let the crickets chirp around your grill. Rosemary, thyme and summer savory are combined with marjoram, sage, bay leaf and lovage to give your meat, fish or vegetables brochettes a special Provence savour. Flavoured BBQ = happy guests!

    Organic ingredients: rosemary, thyme, summer savory, marjoram, sage, bay leaf, lovage

  • For fish : Organic Provencal spices

    This mix is organic, like all mixed provencal herbs of Aurore de Provence, and will soon be the essentiel basis of your fish and mussel dishes. Big or small fish - in the soup, cooked « en papillote » (in tinfoil), boiled, fried or oven-baked - like the fine company of organic herbs to unfold their taste or to add an exotic note. So come along little and big friends hake, whiting, gilthead, haddock, sole, bass and tuna, come along and let these spices from Provence refine your tender flesh.

    Organic ingredients: parsley, fennel, dill, thyme, basil, lemon thyme, onion, garlic

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