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Très contente de cette tisane qui a résorbé complètement mon œdème aux jambes. Aussi, j'en bois une théière entière tous les matins depuis 3 mois, et m'en félicite ! Je recommande fortement de produit. ...

Catherine BOIRON

Superbes tisanes, extrêmement savoureuses, enfin un vrai goût qui nous réconcilie avec cette boisson; après les avoir adopté, elles ont fait le plaisir de mes proches qui, comme moi, ne peuvent plus revenir à leurs anciennes pratiques. Je recommande vivement, bravo Aurore de Provence! (Tisanes « Bucoli tonic » le matin et « Bon bidon » le soir). ...


dans son bol réutilisable, cette bougie aux senteurs méditerranéennes vous emmène en vacances ! sans même l'allumer l'essence naturelle d'anis se diffuse dans votre intérieur pour de longues heures. de fait, cette bougie est réellement longue durée ! ...


Une tisane agréable à boire après le repas qui aide à la digestion, notamment en fin de journée ! fini les lourdeurs d'estomac avant de s'endormir ! ...


particulièrement contente des bougies que j'ai gardées pour mon usage personnel ou que j'ai offertes en cadeaux très appréciés par mes amis. On aime leurs parfums subtils et durables ainsi que les jolis bols décoratifs. ...


J'alterne entre les tisanes "gambettes mignonnettes" et "Bon bidon" et je dois dire qu'en plus d'être délicieuses, elles sont très efficaces ! En ce moment, j'aime particulièrement les boire froides. Elles sont très désaltérantes. ...




Organic herbal teas

You will find here our collection of organic herbal tea, ideal for indulging yourself or for making nice gifts.

This is why we offer each organic herbal tea in different containers. This category includes all our herbal teas offered in jars, Provençal bowls and packets.

Organic herbal teas There are 16 products.


  • Bon Bidon - Organic digestive herbal tea

    Your eyes have been bigger than your stomach and now your digestion is as fluid as a traffic jam on a motorway during a weekend in August? Boil water and let infuse : A pinch of chamomile, a soupçon of cumin and a hint of fennel, a bit of balm, half a spoonful of Breckland thyme and some lime tree blossoms ... This assortment of plants with digestive and lightening virtues will also delight your conscience-stricken inner-self.

    Organic ingredients: chamomile, cumin, fennel, balm, breckland thyme, lime tree blossoms

  • Bucolic’Tonic - Organic tonic herbal tea

    Feeling a little bit weak? Totally stressed? Or tired out right now? With our herbal tea Bucolic'Tonic, a harmonious blend of six organically grown plants with dynamic properties, you can get your pep back. Bukolic'Tonic vivifies your mornings and vitalizes your days without the side effects of caffeine! With its fruity taste of rose hip and the scent of thyme and basil, this herbal tea is a sparkling cocktail with a lively temperament!

    Organic ingredients: basil, rosehip, rosemary, summer savory, breckland thyme, thyme

  • Câlins Coquins - Organic aphrodisiac herbal tea

    Bring out the fine lingerie, let your sense of decency and clothes fall down, Aurore de Provence will make your cheeks blush and fire your desire with the Câlins Coquins herbal tea. Ginger and cinnamon tightly enclosed, tempting peppermint, seductive nutmeg and voluptuous summer savory will tickle your taste buds with ardent and audacious flavours. Put some sensuality in your mug!

    Organic ingredients: cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, nutmeg, summer savory

  • Gros Dodo - Organic herbal sleep tea

    Counting sheep is not a bad idea - but it only works if you are already in bed. Before, why don't you have a cup of our soothing herbal tea, which will help you forget your day's worries. Gros Dodo, like all our other tisanes, is a blend of flowers and plants of high-quality organic cultivation: Balm, passion flower, lime tree blossoms, nicely assorted with other plants, known for promoting sleep. In combining their delicate flavours and their benefits this herbal tea of Aurore de Provence reveals its full effect. With your 'jamas nearby, your teddy in your arms, head for your bed!

    Organic ingredients : hawthorn, fennel, lavender, balm, passionflower, lime tree blossoms, valerian

  • Gambettes Mignonnettes - Herbal tea for light legs

    Much more sexy than surgical stockings, our Gambettes-Mignonnettes-tea, organic like all herbal teas from Aurore de Provence, combines six tasty plants with circulation-enhancing qualities.We do not say that Gambettes Mignonnettes herbal tea will transform you into a young dance god - but how about skipping with your children on pavements? Our tea mixture stimulates your circulation, your thighs will be light and your calves graceful. There it is - the tea mixture, which puts a smile on your face.

    Organic ingredients: grapevine leaves, rosemary, hawthorn, eucalyptus, nettle, horsetail

  • Pipi Joli - Organic diuretic herbal tea

    Only a healthy bladder, is a happy bladder! For the elimination of unwanted bacteria that cause urinary tract infections, nature has provided us with a nice selection of plants with diuretic properties. Aurore de Provence has developed an organic herbal tea specially designed to promote the elimination of metabolic degradation products. Based on heather, bearberry, horsetail, cherry stalk, meadowsweet and other soothing plants, herbal tea "Pipi Joli" is the guarantee of a healthy bladder and quite simply a very pleasant-tasting organic herbal tea.

    Organic ingredients: heather, bearberry, european ash, maize stigmata, nettle, horsetail, cherry stems, meadowsweet

  • Pupilles et Papilles - Beautiful and good - organic herbal tea

    Good and beautiful organic tea.

    Our herbal blend 'Pupilles & Papilles' is a companion for all seasons. You can either drink it as a refreshing ice-tea, while your toes are spread out in the pool or out of your favourite mug as you are warming up in front of the fireplace in winter. Its authentic flavours and subtle taste flower out served hot as well as on the rocks. Tchin !

    Organic ingredients: heather, lemongrass, hibiscus, lavender, meadowsweet

  • Vilain Rhube - Cough and cold organic herbal tea

    If you have a sore throat or an irritating cough – if you are well in winter-wonder-land or in bed with a cold  : get a cup of our organic herbal tea mix, including marshmallow root, ginger, sage, lime blossom, balm, thyme and a bit of eucalyptus. Try a cure of these seven plants to get you savely through winter.

    Organic ingredients: marshmallow root, ginger, sage, lime blossom, balm, thyme, eucalyptus

  • Tutti Frutti - Organic fruit tea

    Big or small, every adults and every child like this fruity taste. The sweetness comes from small fig cubes, blackcurrent adds his sour note to our delicious organic fruit tea which we produce without added flavours. To rose hip and apple pieces we add some cinnamon and some verbena to balance this tasteful organic herbal fruit tea.
    Try this organic fruit blend as an iced tea to avoid the tons of sugar you find in sodas and juices.

    Organic ingredients (certified FR-BIO-09): Lemon verbena, blackcurrent, fig, cinnamon, apple, rose hip and fennel.

  • Organic nursing tea - Ma voie lactée

    Trust the natural remedies of fenugreak, fennel, nettle and verbena for satisfying breastfeeding and a happy baby. We have added a small amount of cinnamon – a discret taste in this organic blend – which makes it a full bodied and tasteful pleasure.
    This organic nursing tea is also very good for babys and children  : Fenugreak quickens their appetite. Fennel and cinnamon soothe tommyache. Nettle has a lot of positif effects and contains iron and magnesium. Verbena calms and soothes. (By the way, it's also an excellent tea for the child's father even if he isn't breastfeeding at the moment ;)

    Organic ingredients (certified FR-BIO-09):  fennel, fenugreek, nettle, lemon verbena, rose hip, cinnamon

  • Le Carrousel de Noël - Tisane bio de Fête

    Le Carrousel de Noël : La tisane bio de Noël d'Aurore de Provence

    Ingrédients biologiques : Verveine, Cassis, Figue, Cannelle, Muscade, Hibiscus, Gingembre, Fenouil, Cynorrhodon, Pomme

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